Credit Card Mfg. Part




Card Laminating & PCB Laminating

Detailed description

This Laminating Press is consisted of 10 heating trays and 10 cooling trays and is full automatic laminating press with the functions of:
- Automatic lift ascending & descending functions
- Product automatic input/output function into/out of the heating press
- Automatic transferring function from heating press lift to the cooling press lift

·  Cooling temperature
Normal ~ 10℃

·  Heating temperature
Normal ~ 200℃

·  Production Capacity ex) Card Laminating
1(sheet):30 cards, 2 sheets x 10 in one tray (600 cards)
600 *10 (tray)* 3(times/hr) * 8 (8 hr/day) = 144,000 cards

External Dimension (W x H x L) 3m x 3m x 5m
Heater Capacity 12KW - 70KW

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