Biz status Performance

Item Clients Remarks
UV CARD Printing CURING M/C Aju International Co., Ltd.
Korea Mint Corporation,
Seoul Daily News Paper,
Hankook Communication Card Company, and etc.
First domestic production was successful by Taeyang
Remarkable enhancement made both in functions and capacity, and reexported to Japan TSUKASA and delivered to the major Korean companies.
Semiconductor and Electronics Part Samsung Elec. Co.
Simtech Co.
Korea Circuit Co.
Insung Elec. Co. & etc.
I-R CONVEYOR DRYER and Forced Convection type CONVEYOR DRYER, Pressurized Dryer, Heating Oven, Blast Furnace and etc.
Medical Equipments Hanlim Pharmaceutical Co.,
Liana Cosmetics Co. and etc.
Developed I-R Conveyo Dryer which is designed for cleaning/drying/ sterilizing medical equpments
Experimental Equipments Hanyang Univ.,
Kyunghee Univ.
Forced Convectioning Dryer,
Slective Filter Stretching Oven and etc.
Pressurizing Dryer First Developer for the Pressurizing Dryer in Korea.
Contributed to produce quality products by pressurizing the bubbles which are generated in the process of moulding/curing resins such as Epoxy.
Audo-Dipping Dryer Kigeonsa and etc. The System is to automate the whole procedure of dipping motors/condensors in resins, curing and drying. It is designed to prevent polluted air to be dispersed through the air and improve working environment. Winner of the Safety Certificate from Korea Industry Safety Committe.
CONVEYOR CURING OVEN Samsung SDI and etc. The system is for pre-heating/ heating/curing of the lithium batteries. Auto-transfered and carried to upper part by the lift conveyor and re-processed (transferred by step) to be taken out.
HG LAMP CONVEYOR DRYER Korea Circuit Co. and etc. Drying and Curing contents using HG LAMP
VARNISH APPLICATION & DRYING M/C JINZHOU HANHUA ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS CO., China etc. The system is for drying/curing Starter Armatures after varnish application. The armatures are being rotated on its own axis and moved step by step to the different zones.
I-R CONVEYOR DRYER LLANSIN in China and etc. System for COATING and CURING iron sheets
Spring Heating Furnace Poland
Convection Oven (Oil Type) Malaysia Length: 50 meter

※ Above shows only small part of our performance.