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Features of far infrared rays

· It is invisible.
· It is not well absorbed by the composition of the air.
· The wavelength of radiation is long wavelength and strong in straightness.
· Organic compounds have strong molecular resonance and resonance.
· High safety because of low chemical activity.
· Efficiency, uniformity and speed of heating
· Facilities and handling are simple.

Applications of Far infrared heaters

· Metal coating drying:
  spray painting drying, powder coating drying, electrodeposition painting drying, dip coating painting drying etc.
· Electricity and electronics:
  Drying and heating of various electric and electronic parts such as COATING, adhesion, printing, impregnation
· Construction, civil engineering:
  Drying and heating of various building materials, printing, bonding, molding, concrete curing, etc.
· Plastics, rubber:
  paint drying, silk printing drying, softening and molding heating, etc.
· Textile:
  dyeing drying, heat treatment of ceramics, drying, etc.
· Ceramics:
  Drying of various ceramics, drying of glass bottles, castable drying, etc.
· Printing:
  Gravure printing drying, metal printing drying, various silk screen printing drying, etc.
· Agricultural products, Foods:
  Drying of agricultural products, aquatic products drying, baking, confectionery, shrink wrapping, livestock heating, etc.
· Health equipment:
  far infrared sauna, radiator, therapy machine, skin beauty machine, etc.