Drying Part

Forced Convection Band Dryer
Forced Convection Band Dryer

Forced Convection Band Dryer


Drying and curing of the products such as food or chemical products for general industrial use.

Detailed description

Guarantees uniform drying of the particle-shape products which are being produced consecutiely from the hopper. The outlet of the hopper was designed to be adjustible in heights to deal various size of the particles.

When drying the products of which thermal conduction is poor, the machine maximizes drying efficiency by heighten airing capability and maintains uniform tempe- rature distribution. Such operation is possible because of the function of injecting strong air from the upper part and suctioning them from the bottom part.

Damp air passed the products are being circulated or pushed out in all or in part according to the automatic control of the damper.

Manufacturing on order will be possible.

External Dimension(W x H x L) 1100 x 1200 x 7000
Chamber Dimension (W x H x L) 1100 x 900 x 6000
Belt Material & Width Teflon & Sus Mesh 800(w)
Heater Capacity 12KW x 3Part → 36KW
Heating Temperature Normal Temp150℃