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Flexo & Offset UV Curing System
Flexo & Offset UV Curing System

Flexo & Offset UV Curing System


Flexor printing, Offset printing, gravia printing

Detailed description

This UV Curing system is designed for easier installation at the head of the Flexor Printing Line and in between the units of Offset printers.

·  Drying system
- Sliding method adopted leads to easier exchange of lamps.
- Double air-cooling method adopted is ideal in eliminating unnecesary heat generated.

·  Cooling Method
Adopted high-pressured BLOWER and digital. automatic thermostatic controller, which makes it possible to maximize the cooling effect by controlling the volume of air to be discharged through the function of the inverter employed.

mercury/metal, Selective options are:
80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200/Cm

·  Product specifications
Varies according to the order placed

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