U.V Part

UV Curing M/C (Model-B)
UV Curing M/C (Model-B)
UV Curing M/C (Model-B)

UV Curing M/C (Model-B)


Production line for the semi-conductor board (UV printing)
Production lines which are using U.V. Ink,
paints or adhesives

Detailed description

The system is designed to enhance efficiency/productivity and easier installation with following functions:

The system is for drying/curing ultra-violet ink, paintings and adhesives.

It is widely used for drying the printed film, machinery board and drying/curing the printed markings on the electronic parts for various kind of industrial use. Conveyor belt is made of ‘Taflon’ which has the characteristics of anti-static electricity. Such factor contributes to the stabilized production of the electronic products/parts.

Belt Speed: Installed V/S Controller which enables flexible control of the speed. Infra-red Part can be installed either in front part or rear part of the system, of which flexibility makes it possible for the IR and UV can be used in combination or independently. Custom construction recommended so that it can be designed to meet specific requirements in capacity, dimension and further specifications whatever it may be.

  Model-BA Model-BB
External Dimension (W x H x L) 620 x 1600 x 2000 400 x 690 x 1020
Chamber Dimension (W x H x L) 620 x 400 x 1000  
Belt Material & Width 300 - 1000(W) Teflon Belt
Elec. Capacity 6KW(2KW x 3Set) - 32.4KW (10.8KW x 3Set) UV Lamp: 2KW