Heating Part

Far Infrared Heating Oven (Model-A)

Far Infrared Heating Oven (Model-A)


Stretching and heating treatment for the packing bands
Heat-treatment for the products in roll or roll type.

Detailed description

This oven is a system which provides the function of stretching and heat-processing for the packing bands.

Heating method has been innovatively improved:
Far Infra-Red radiant heat is transmitted directly to the aimed products; waste heat generated in the rear/upper part of the heater is jet-circulated by the Air Nozzle. Such operation enables reduction in the electric power and production cost.

The oven is designed to manufacture enhanced quality products and enables to maintain stabilised and consistent level of quality. Its high quality has been proven through the wide global market including Japan, who is our main importer at present.

External Dimension (W x H x L) 650 x 1930 x 2800
Chamber Dimension (W x H x L) 500 x 570 x 2800
Heater Capacity 650W x 24EA = 15.6 KW
Heating Temperature Normal Temp. - Max. 250 ℃